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Tech Training in CRM and S17 Work Sprint


8/2 – 6pm Occupy Tech Training in CiviCRM and Salsa
8/5 – S17 Work Sprint 

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Occupy Tech Training in CiviCRM and Salsa



Thursday, August 2nd 6-8PM
Located at 33 Flatbush, downtown Brooklyn, near Nevins subway stop

We had a great training last week and we are doing it again so more can participate.

Using our constituent management database, both strategy and software, it will be an open source CiviCRM and Progressive Proprietary Salsa CRM.

If you do not RSVP, we might not open the door for you! (Because we will think everyone has arrived, etc.)

Please RSVP on Facebook or send an email RSVP to tech@nycga.net

If this is your first Occupy event, please introduce yourself by email before
attending the meeting.  (tech@nycga.net)

Also feel free bring food and/or beverages! (snacks, beer, etc.)

S17 Work Sprint



Sunday, Aug. 5th, noon-4pm
33 Flatbush, downtown Brooklyn, near Nevins subway stop

We are getting together to work on S17 related projects: the website, social media, graphics, mapping, emails, database and more. Plenty of space for making art if you bring the supplies. Community. Prepping for Monday meetings. Join us! Hours may be extended depending on demand. Open only to folks who are part on an S17 working group or by prior arrangement.

Questions? services@s17nyc.org



#OWS Tech at Activist Tech Demo Day

Hand drawn activist holding signsThe Tech Ops group along with Occupy Games and some members of Art’s and Culture will have a table at the Activist Tech Demo Day this Saturday (28th) at Eyebeam from 3pm to 6pm.

Facebook Event
Eyebeam Studios

We will be showing off a few of the following projects:

  • Occupy.net
  • map.occupy.net
  • news.occupy.net
  • The Freedom Tower
  • Digital Twinkles (perhaps a mock GA?)
  • PermaBank
  • HD livestream camera
  • And more!

Read the press release: Continue reading

Remote Participation in General Assemblies

For months there has been a call to bring the General Assembly into people’s homes. Direct Democracy doesn’t work for people who can’t make it out to directly participate.

Please join the discussion on this topic on the Tech Ops forums.

Portland is working on a proposal to allow people to vote over livestream while Boston is working on live blogging using a service called Cover it live. Here in NYC we are working on digital polling of GA’s using radio “clickers” as well as recording live tweets. Our live stream will soon be getting a high def boost to make sharing of our meetings all the more clear.

Let’s look at some of the pro’s and con’s of off site participation. Continue reading

Sunday Meeting Report Back

Cross section of a tree stump with arrows pointing to the outer bark

I would like to suggest a report back format where everyone shares their thoughts on the meeting. Add to this post or comment please.

Drew – We spent the first part of our meeting discussing how we can deal with inequality in our group. The discussion brought us to three main points: Training, Mentor-ship, and Outreach.

I don’t want a group dominated by white males from privilege but I am also struggling to maintain what we have already built. These problems can be solved together. By training people how to use tools, mentor/skill share with those who want to build the tools, and though out reach to listen to feedback from the community one lowers the barrier of entry into Tech and allows for more people to be involved in building and maintaining our shared resource.

If highly skilled person with access to technology is the inner ring, then I need to focus on serving those in the outer most rings. I, though, must strike a balance. I don’t have the resources to connect with the outer most rings right now, but I (and Tech) should always strive to reach that goal.

The group agreed on a number of things to move us in the right direction.

I hope the training program I’m working on will help broaden our lovely group. I plan to share and gather feedback from my morning sessions and then take it down to Charlott’s Place in the afternoon. I will be looking for an after work space to run some training to allow our work bound brothers and sisters to join in the fun.

We then gave report backs. Agreed to implement Charles’s Terms of Use statement on the web site and open it for general review by the community. The group also discussed Devin’s project proposal which he will show us on Wednesday.

The food from Kitchen was great tonight!

Cowbird and the Occupy Saga

The Tech group has been in contact with the fine folks over at cowbird.com. They have created a beautiful application for sharing stories and what better place to find stories than the Occupy Movement, check out their “occupy saga” here: cowbird.com/saga/occupy

The developers at Cowbird have developed a slick plugin to place cowbird content into any web site. You can see an example here: tech.nycga.net/cowbird. Learn more about how to put this into your own site after the jump  Continue reading

Great success on Spokes Council budget proposal

Still from the presentation

Tech Ops presented two parts of our four part budget proposal at – the amazing – Monday’s Spokes Council (preview our beta live tweets reader). The proposal, presented by @jake and @matt, was very well received. The tone of our proposal was amazing and the visual presentation knocked the socks off those at Spokes.

The Spokes Council chose to accept both proposals. (Minutes)

  1. $1500 – 855-NYCGA-411 Voice Services – PASSED
  2. $1216.77 – Slicehost.com hosting Oct 20 – Dec 20 – PASSED
We will attempt to bring part’s 3 and 4 to Wednesday (1/11) Spokes.
Update (1/12): Wednesday Spokes (1/11) found consensus on the final two proposals.
  1. $3241.19 – for new media hub & database server- PASSED
  2. $942.99 + $322.86/month – LIVESTREAM HD SUPER-CHARGE kit.- PASSED w/ modified Consensus
The Livestream HD kit originally included a Verizon 4G internet hot spot. The body felt that using Verizon while our labor allies are currently on strike was uncouth. Tech agreed to remove it from the budget.
View the presentation after the jump… Continue reading