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Creating a group blog on NYCGA.net – part 1

Screen capture of a blog pageWorking Groups deal with many levels of¬†engagement. From the die hard leaders who have committed their lives to this movement to the leaders who can only spare 1% of their time (that’s about 7 hours a month fyi). Keeping everyone in the loop is a challenge. Forums need lots of attention, in person meetings don’t work from some, e-mail lists can get overwhelming, and reading through meeting minutes is tedious. Some of our supporters and allies just want to get an idea of the pules or direction of the group.

That’s why blogs are so important. Every group on nycga.net has the power to create their very own blog. This post will go over creating a group blog on nycga.net while part 2 will cover making your blog look good and part 3 will cover ideas about what that blog can be used for.¬† Continue reading