Calling all iPhone/Android users at May Day

May Day, May Day!

We are recruiting an army of citizen reporters to post anonymous status updates during May Day that’ll be projected on screens in Bryant Park and other public locations.  You can also post private updates for Tech Ops and other organizing groups.  All messages are secure.

If you are attending May Day events in New York or other cities (rallies, teach-ins, pickets, parties, etc.), we want to hear from you:

  1. Download the Vibe app for iPhone and Android on (Link will become available midnight Friday 4/27).  There’s no registration or login.
  2. Post a status update every 30-60 minutes during May Day:
  • a) Use single hashtag #MayDay in your messages and they’ll be projected on the public screens.
  • b) Use double hashtag ##_______ in your messages and they’ll be secret – only visible to those who know its ## name.  The particular double ## tags for Tech Ops and other May Day organizers will be given out to people on the street on May Day (or ask your particular working group).


OWS Project List Seeks Research Partners

The OWS Project List is moving forward with research analyzing the relationships our projects build with NYC area communities. Do we often collaborate on projects with allies from low-income or communities of color? Do we often build projects with NGOs or businesses? Which projects are the most helpful for connecting our movements across the New York area?

The OWS Project List can shed light on these questions through analyzing data shared by movement activists. Now we seek activists to participate in analyzing that data. We are looking for folks interested in helping us code data on Occupy partnerships and create social network maps that we will share with the movement.

We especially need folks who can help us code neighborhoods using 2010 census data. Please send me a message for more info. Or email:

The OWS Project List ( exists to collect, produce, and share knowledge about Occupy projects in the NYC area. We promote projects, contact information, and partnership information through our monthly periodical:

We are now engaging participatory analysis of data on those projects. We will share our findings with the movement to help broaden awareness about the network of alliances we are building. We hope this will help us assess what we are doing, make choices, and build a more inclusive — and larger — movement.



Occupy Wall Street Project List, Issue 2, April-May, PDF online now!

Issue #2 of The Occupy Wall Street Project List, covering April-May, is due to hit the street on Wed. 4/11/2012, but you can access it right here, right now:

The OWS Project List is fully funded through small contributions. Please show your support for movement based media today!:

Support the OWS Project List TODAY!


 The Occupy Wall Street Project List Needs Your Help to Continue Promoting Occupy Projects and Actions Across New York City!

 Show your support for media that builds our movement: become one of our publishers!

Make a small donation through our WePay page TODAY:

 The Occupy Wall Street Project List is a unique printed publication produced by Occupy Wall Street activists from several working groups. It reports on the active projects created by NYC area Occupy groups and provides direct contact information enabling readers to get involved and join the fight for their own lives and communities.

The Occupy Wall Street Project List is about to produce issue #2 and take another step in building communication and organizing across the NYC metro area. Please help us produce media that helps struggles for economic and social justice to grow and drive social change.

Donate $10 TODAY so we can publish the next issue on time!  

Over the last few weeks we distributed over 1,000 free copies of our first issue ( across New York City and met an overwhelmingly positive response. In fact, when we ran out of copies at Union Square people spontaneously printed and distributed hundreds more. But it still was not enough.

To meet this overwhelming demand, The Occupy Wall Street Project List will print 10,000 copies of issue #2. We are also working with allies on an ambitious plan to distribute these copies across the metro area – creating a conversation between concerned people and activists who otherwise are divided by mainstream media markets.

The Occupy Wall Street Project List is funded only through the collective power of small donations. Won’t you be one of our publishers?

$10 from two hundred people will allow us to distribute 10,000 free copies of this important movement building resource across NYC!

We are always looking for new participants to help produce and distribute and raise funds for The Occupy Wall Street Project List. Contact us at so we can build this together.

Thank you for your help and support!!!!

The Occupy Wall Street Projects List team

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Tech Ops Meeting 3/25/2012


Pea on

Pea on development:

Shawn on content:

  • Content has 10 articles ready for editorial process.
  • We have a tentative editorial workflow, but haven’t run anything through.

Darrell on Tech Coop:

  • Start with skill spreadsheet, need people who are interested in being involved in the tech workers coop to fill info, also take a look at notes and give feedback.
  • Next meeting is 4pm Friday at Commons.


Email Address Policy

  • Shawn presented proposal last week, didn’t get consensus. Doesn’t tonight either
  • Narrowing proposal: can every member of the content team at have an email address for use in the editorial workflow at request? (pea, shawn, devin make call)?
  • Outcome: Passes by consensus

Financial Status / Budget

  • Report from Matt: $250 owed per month for servers (Datagram), $400 for livestreaming, paid on Dan’s & Devin’s credit cards, Matt has money to pay them back what we owe them so far. Dan has ~$1200 (extra battery money) which we can use going forward. That’s it. Unclear if we’ll get any more out of GA.
  • Proposal
    • We pay what we owe people that they’ve spent already from the funds we already have
    • If we can get any more money from Accounting (even just back pay for Feb/March), we pay for Teradeck for 1 more month. At the end of that month, absent further funding, we shut it off (we still hope to find a donor). If we can’t get any money, we cut off Teradeck now. (There is a $200 cancellation fee for AT&T data plan.)
    • We save whatever money remains to keep Datagram servers running as long as possible.
    • Matt will get ahold of Devin & Dan to get invoices/receipts, Matt & Darrell will get together at some point this week and put it all online somewhere. We’re not sure if Shawn is currently our financial point person, but if so he’s replaced by Matt.
    • We should be scanning & uploading all receipts. Everything that people have should be emailed to Take a picture with your phone if you don’t have a scanner.
    • Outcome: Passes by consensus

Terms of Use

  • We consense on prohibiting unauthorized disclosure of personal contact information in Terms of Use.
  • Action: Add amendment to policy
  • We table “personal information” more broadly, David will come back with proposal on better wording.
  • Also, we consense that Pea can move the policies from the Docs to site pages.
  • Action: Create pages and commit footer updates to repo

Home Page

  • Matt wants livestreaming somewhere on homepage – specific place to be left to designers. Every day there’s something right now.

Reportback: The 99%Spring Training for Trainers and the Plot to Coopt #Occupy

This past weekend I attended the Training for Trainers (T4T) of the 99% Spring. This is being organized by a very large and powerful coalition in which MoveOn is one of the larger partners, as is the AFL-CIO. The 99% Spring action plan is fairly straightforward: train 100,000 people in non-violent direct action (NVDA).

On the one hand, this is obviously a progressive agenda that most occupiers would agree with. On the other, occupiers have struggled with the fear of cooptation to an exhausting degree. I’ve participated in online and in person conversations about the 99%Spring, and the critiques fall into three main arguments:

  1. MoveOn and the DC based labor movement bureaucracy can’t be trusted as they are committed to working within the system and for Democratic candidates.
  2. The 99%Spring uses occupy inspired themes and memes (“the 99%”) but without doing the hard work of actually working with Occupy Wall Street.
  3. The overall effort seems utterly disconnected from the nationwide May First plans that many (most?) occupiers are actively working towards, which are also referenced with “spring” language.
  4. This isn’t it’s own thing, but rather me making fun of how the nervous nellies respond to larger forces in the political world: “Halp! We’re being coopted! The Democratic Party is both capable and interested in implementing a well thought out plan to make us serve their interests!

Speaking as an occupier most active in the Tech Ops Working Group of the NYC General Assembly, my first response to the 99%Spring was envy. Why aren’t we initiating, leading or participating in this kind of serious coalition work? But that’s unfair. We are working on May First actions, which in New York include a march carried out together with labor and the immigrants’ rights movements. What we aren’t doing is training 100,000 activists and organizers in nonviolent direct action. So why not welcome an effort that is doing that?

The T4T Training
I’m just back from two days of training for trainers, and this is my verdict: the Training for Trainers was fantastic. Hundreds of people in attended the same training as me in New York, and thousands more took part across the country.

The folks attending the training represented a cross section of our country’s progressive, 99% movement. I met community organizers, peace activists, union members, occupiers, and many more. The group was inter-generational, racially diverse, gender balanced, and included folks from all NYC boroughs, Long Island, CT, NJ, and upstate. My impression is that most are experienced organizers, but from many different traditions and organizational homes.

The curriculum had three parts:

  1. The first is your basic Marshall Ganz story of self/us. This is training delivered for years now at countless political and organizational homes, including my old synagogue. For those who don’t know, Ganz started his career at the United Farm Workers, working with Cesar Chavez.
  2. The second is your basic nonviolent direct action training, with roots in Gene Sharp, Training for Change, and the Direct Action Network that emerged post-Seattle in the anti-globalization movement. It wasn’t out of step with anything that say, Starhawk or Lisa Fithian or the Ruckus society would have done.
  3. The third part was the story of the 1% vs. the 99%. It’s basic training in understanding the economic crisis and our collective crisis as a country. This is more or less the kind of training being used by unions and community organizing groups around the country for the last 2-3 years.

There was zero, none, nada discussion of the Obama campaign, electoral politics, the Democratic Party, or MoveOn. To sum up then, the critiques against the 99% Spring are false. Those who lobbed uninformed critiques are now in a position of having to apologize and take back their words or lose credibility. They ‘proved’ that MoveOn provided  support for an amazing, collaborative effort resting on teachings used widely inside the Occupy movement.

The Larger Context
Questions might still be asked about the ultimate purpose of MoveOn, unions, and the long list of community organizing groups that make up the 99%Spring effort. One of the most important is: Where is this coming from? What might it be going?

The information I have is based in part on conversations with folks who know better than me. Sorry about no sources, but here goes:

  • Liz Butler of the Movement Strategy Center is one of the prime movers and shakers of this effort. (And the New Organizing Institute.)
  • The overall strategy seems to be similar or based on what Stephen Lerner (formerly of SEIU) was articulating in a series of talks about “creating a crisis for the rich.” In a nutshell, it proposes mass direct action aimed broadly at the 1% in order to force them to make concessions.
  • When we talk about ‘demands’ or ‘goals’ there are laundry lists galore. Winning strikes, raising taxes, winning elections, targeting specific corporations, etc. But behind all those disparate goals lies a framework: increasing the share of wealth that flows to the 99% and reducing the portion controlled by the 1%. That’s the prize. And large parts of the power structure (i.e., Democrats and even some corporations) think it’s a good thing too.
  • Getting MoveOn to be part of this coalition isn’t as simple as it looks. MoveOn is large enough to do whatever it wants without local partners, and for a long time that’s what it did. But the last few years have seen greater efforts to partner, with Van Jones’ Rebuild the Dream representing a real break with past practice. But the 99% Spring is an example of a large powerful organization placing resources in the service of a fairly radical agenda and allowing others to take the lead.
  • Like who? Like Domestic Workers United, a labor rights organization representing working class women of color. One of their staff members, Harmony Goldberg, was a lead trainer this weekend. If you think Goldberg is a MoveOn/DemParty dupe, please shoot yourself right now. Whew! You’re still here! Thank god.

Where Does That Leave Us?
Based on my experiences this weekend, all I can say is – sign up for the trainings to take place on April 9-16. Help organize more trainings. Invite as many occupiers to attend as possible. Consider the advantage of influencing all those moderate, not radical enough people likely to attend and how our superior political praxis will surely attract them to let go of their electoral illusions.

And then, after considering such a vision, let it go, because it’s bullshit. The training is quite good. Go because it’s great to be on the same page for a moment with eager, enthusiastic 99 percenters who want to make this great land of ours a better one. Drop your defenses (if you have any) and rest assured no one is talking about elections. Let’s focus on the original OWS vision: mass, creative, effective direct action against the banks, Wall Streeters and political forces that drove our economy off a cliff and want to charge us for getting back on the precipice again.

Sign up already.

#LetFreedomSpring this Saturday

NYPD Commish Ray Kelly Must Resign!

Photo of OWS protest

Police brutality against Union Square protestors is part of a strategy to beat us away from the spotlight. What general winter failed to do, Bloomberg and Kelly hope to accomplish with billy clubs and pepper spray.

Join us on Saturday. Join us as we fight for our rights and our lives.

Our answer cannot be spoken of in soft and polite tones; it must be roared: Hello no, we won’t go! Police Commissioner Ray Kelly must resign, the NYPD must stop using violence as a first and only recourse to nonviolent protest, and all those concerned with an out of control, spying and lying police high command must work together to make it happen.

We’ll be gathering at noon at Liberty Square (Zuccotti Park) and marching from there. Our response to NYPD police brutality and mass arrests will be peaceful; our best defence is a large turnout.

You can help:

  • Tweet with the hashtag #letfreedomspring
  • Share this event on Facebook
  • Plan to attend with friends, family, coworkers and classmates
  • Forward this email to your lists
  • Upload photos and vidoes after the march and tag them on social media

Questions? At the rally we’ll update everyone about the latest – the successful Million Hoodies March, our increases presence at Union Square Park, Plans for a 99% Spring, the May First actions, and how to find your place in the movement, if you haven’t already.

For more information about other events planned for Saturday (and every other day) please visit the events section of our site.

–the OWS newsletter team*

* For more information about the OWS newsletter team, click here.

OWS Project List Meeting: Brainstorm the shape of issue #2!


Let’s have a meeting and brainstorm the shape of issue #2! Let’s set a time through the Doodle link below. The meeting will either be at the Atrium or Union Square park depending on what crazy stuff happens in the next day or two.

We are planning on Friday 4/6 as the date we start distributing issue #2. We’ve got until Monday, 4/2 to get the publication ready to print. Let’s meet up!!!

We have gotten great response and interest from activists and the general public. Looks like Project List is turning into an important map to our activities. We may even do a second run on the first issue for Occupy Town Square!

There are exciting developments afoot and opportunities to co-create the shape of issue #2.  Please come to the meeting and co-create this important communication channel!

Our agenda so far (reply to this thread to add to agenda):

Outreach for submissions — connect with other occupations and working groups

Outreach for fundraising – help connect with bloggers and big twitter users, help shape social media strategy

Edit content – we need folks with writing and proofing skills to make the print edition clear and compelling!

Print Design – a great chance for an artistic designer to add their touch to create a cool new layout to the periodical

Printing and distribution – work with OccuCopy and strategize with canvassers to move 10,000 copies across NYC using guerilla tactics!

Web development – we are using CIVI and Drupal with tech ops folks to create the web version of the list and to finish the new input form.

Here’s the doodle to set the time:

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SUBMISSION DEADLINE Occupy Wall Street Project List issue 2: Friday, 3/30 6pm


DEADLINE to include your project information in issue #2 of The Occupy Wall Street Project List: Friday, March 30 at 6pm

Submit your project through our online submission form:

Make sure you don’t miss out on getting your Project/Group promoted in this periodical!  We are already distributing issue #1 at the new info table in Union Square. Submit your project now and connect with the great people we are meeting through the Union Square action.

We will print and distribute 10,000 copies of issue #2 throughout the NY metro area.

Anyone organizing on a project with OWS allies or Working Groups should please fill out this form:

Please only submit projects you are ACTIVELY working on. We cannot accept proposals to start projects.

 If you have questions or need help with the form please contact: or call James at 646-481-3038

If you have limited Internet access please call and we will work with you to submit your project over the phone.

Show your support for independent media: Make a contribution! Help us pay our printing costs! Become one of our publishers: <a herf=”″></a>

Knowledge is power. Shared knowledge is collective power.

Mapping the NYCGA

User Jack Smith has been hard at work trying to figure out how best to categorize groups on to help people find groups in their area of interest. Recently Jack created this mock up of groups and their potential categories.

Group categorization has been a big challenge for Tech, we have generally stayed away from it because there are many issues with trying to put groups in categories.


  • Keep it simple, use as few categories as possible.
  • Don’t put a group where a group doesn’t feel it belongs.
  • Make sure categories are clear and easy to understand.

If you are interested in moving this project along please join the discussion on the Tech forums.

Rapid Media Upload Session

Sunday March 18th 12pm
PACE Student Union

Tech Ops is putting together a media server to host citizen journalist media. You often hear “The whole world is watching” chanted at actions, we aim to make sure that the whole world can watch the content you produce. If you have video, audio, or photos of OWS actions please come visit us at PACE today. We will be collecting digital files for archival and publishing. Continue reading

How Tech Ops manages e-mails

Mail servers are a challenging thing, or so I’ve been told. While Tech Ops strives to use FLOSS (Free/Libre/Open Source Software) mail has been one of the major hurdles. Early on we tried to use Zimbra to manage mail but the adoption wasn’t there. As a “stop gap” we decided to occupy Google Apps. There are a few (dis)advantages with Google. Here are the facts about accounts, along with and, all managed through Google Apps.

Google hosts our mail. The industry term for someone else hosting your data is called putting it in the “cloud”. Under normal circumstances this provides better security for the end user. It’s better to have Google nerds looking after your mail server’s security than some over worked IT person in house. However this means that all our mail data is housed in Google’s servers. So if the NSA wants the data they will probably get it, though Google is (apparently) very transparent about it.

This movement works on Google. Most of our groups who connect online use Google Groups. Tech offers and there is also riseup as an alternative, though people seem to prefer Google. Also, if you get many e-mails from occupy members you’ll notice in the cc field of that many of the addresses, sometimes wrongly opened for public viewing, end with This was one of the major contributing factors that led to us “bending” our rules.

It’s free. We have a free Google Apps account which allows us to host unlimited e-mails. However, we currently don’t have the person power to manage giving out many e-mails. We have been hosting group accounts and are discussing how to provide as many people as possible with accounts. Keep up with our forums for agenda items pertaining to the accounts.

Moving forward. We want to own our data. We want to use FLOSS. We want our own mail server. If you are interested in helping out please e-mail

Jeff Rae? No Way!

Jeff Rae? No Way!
Graphic by Jack Gold

The Manhattan District Attorney (Cyrus Vance) has subpoenaed the Twitter account of Occupy activist Jeff Rae. This comes not long after Malcolm Harris received one as well. Yesterday, this news hit the blogosphere with a bang as BoingBoing spread the word, and the New York Times reported on complaints by many other Occupy activists regarding heavy handed NYPD surveillance.

Any single incident of apparent overreach might not have provoked a response; but in the aggregate, we are concluding that the NYPD, aided and abetted by the Manhattan DA, is engaged in actions designed to chill free speech by intimidating activists. As the long winter slowly turns to the upcoming American Spring, we have to fight back.

Take action now by telling District Attorney Cyrus Vance what you think of his wasteful and unnecessary fishing expedition. We’re asking all supporters of the 99% to show solidarity with Jeff Rae, a union staff member and occupier from Washington DC. Vance is engaged in a political witch hunt on behalf of the 1%. Join us in applying some political pressure against the Manhattan DA’s office.

Note: our current action page is here: Please use the shortlink, or the link to this post, and not the URL of the action page itself – as that may change. Thank you for helping to spread the word.

Occupy, FLOSS, and a new world business model

Michel Bauwens: ‘Occupy’ as a business model: The emerging open-source civilisation

In the title of this editorial, I describe Occupy as a business model and link it to the possibility of a new civilisational model. We can do this by expanding from the already-existing institutional logic of peer production in knowledge, software and hardware, to a vision of the macro-economy.

Today, we assume that value is created by for-profit companies and conceive of civil society as a “remainder” category: it’s what we do when we come home, exhausted after our paid work. This is reflected in the language we use to describe civil society, when we call them non-profits or non-governmental.

A powerful new outreach & organizing tool for working groups

Tech Ops is now ready to offer trainings on the use of CiviCRM, an open-source “constituent relationship management” tool. We are running an instance at

Civi can do a lot of things. The simplest, and easiest to get started with, is broadcast email lists. We highly encourage all New York-based OWS working groups to move their email announcements into Civi. Unlike a Google Group, Civi lists: don’t require contacts to accept an invitation; support templates for mailings; support scheduled mailings; support sub-lists based on a project or interest without requiring a separate signup; can have a signup form easily embedded on any website; allow you to track how many people receive each email, open it, or click on a link; and integrate with a lot of other outreach functionality. It’s also easy to import your contacts from any spreadsheet or text file. And if you import your contacts into the Civi managed by Tech Ops, we can also offer them a weekly newsletter with events and updates from around the movement (the first of these went out today, using Civi).

Civi also supports, out of the box, events with RSVPs, and keeping track of information about people you’re in touch with including email, phone number, skills, and interests, in a searchable way.

Tech Ops will be hosting a training next Tuesday evening, March 13, at 6pm, in Brooklyn, with more to follow. You can RSVP (using Civi), and we’ll give you the location details.

The training will cover:

  • How to create a newsletter for a mailing list
  • How to import contacts & dedup
  • How to create multiple newsletter/mailing lists
  • How to create profiles for newsletter subscription and contact management
  • How to create events and track RSVPs
  • How to create campaigns
  • How to track/review contact engagement and follow-up

We do ask that, before we give you admin access to Civi, you attend a training, and can demonstrate that you have been trusted with this task by your working group.

Sunday Report Back – 3/4

Lots of exciting horizons ahead of us.

  • is coming together, content is being collected and prepared for launch.
  • is live.
  • The first major newsletter release is on it’s way, keep up with the discussion on the mailing list. If you are interested in joining the news letter team email
  • is getting a face lift soon (this week?)
  • New online policies are in place, currently under review by our law team.
  • Tech ops has been invited to submit an application to Prix ars Electronica, check out our latest version of the application before we send it out.
  • The got a little shout out on NPR today
  • had a bit of a design update, more information can be found on
  • NATO and G8 will be in Chicago this May, currently under a new bill HR 437 that just passed the house and senate protest will be illegal in any environment with secrete service.


  • “Analyzing The 1%” TV Show
  • Meeting Schedule
  • Crowdsourced Funding Platform
  • SIS (Office Space)
  • Civi for Working Groups (consensus)
  • Metrocards (consensus)
  • Marketing/Misc

Continue reading

Sunday Meeting Report Back

  • There is new nation-wide collaboration on #OccupyMap, a SMS system is still needed for map reports on the Ushahidi platform.
  • OWSbrunch reportback: many discussions about “access”- information, etc.  talk of a global events calendar website.
  • dev site can be found under the project at
  • The first occupy news letter tentative launch date is March 5th
  • coming soon.
  • for sale?  no.  just a mailing list rumor.  tech ops controls dns.  registrar still owned by affinity group.  content unchanged.


  1. Mark on the calendar which events were GA-consensed, and which are autonomous.
  2. Problems with user activity.
  3. Discuss digital properties policy
  4. Strategy meeting next week
  5. Permission to export emails to civi
  6. Hosting of translations of GA statements
  7. Server allocation  Continue reading
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