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Hi everyone, when I was doing the wiki design I thought of a slight revision to the home page. The horizontal list of projects currently just mirrors the top nav, if we turn it into a grid of expanding blocks they’re more concrete, skimmable, and hold the descriptive text nicely. Mockup below. It’s just a small iteration on the existing layout, but if anyone has any comments please fire away.

Creating a group blog on – part 1

Screen capture of a blog pageWorking Groups deal with many levels of engagement. From the die hard leaders who have committed their lives to this movement to the leaders who can only spare 1% of their time (that’s about 7 hours a month fyi). Keeping everyone in the loop is a challenge. Forums need lots of attention, in person meetings don’t work from some, e-mail lists can get overwhelming, and reading through meeting minutes is tedious. Some of our supporters and allies just want to get an idea of the pules or direction of the group.

That’s why blogs are so important. Every group on has the power to create their very own blog. This post will go over creating a group blog on while part 2 will cover making your blog look good and part 3 will cover ideas about what that blog can be used for.  Continue reading

Cowbird and the Occupy Saga

The Tech group has been in contact with the fine folks over at They have created a beautiful application for sharing stories and what better place to find stories than the Occupy Movement, check out their “occupy saga” here:

The developers at Cowbird have developed a slick plugin to place cowbird content into any web site. You can see an example here: Learn more about how to put this into your own site after the jump  Continue reading – UX Round 5

UX changes coming out of our 1/13/12 creative meeting. – UX Round 4

Primary changes include:

  1. Tagline in header
  2. Site messaging area that will provide context
  3. Featured editorial content area that will be curated
  4. Video moved to right column
  5. Sort by feature added to editorial content
  6. Editorial content displayed in grid

The Gifting Experience

An amazing gifting phenomenon emerged during the occupation of Zuccotti Park (Liberty Square) in which strangers spontaneously organized themselves to provide food and shelter to anyone in need.  This organic emergence of mass generosity flowered for two months amidst the sky scrappers of multi-national banks and the cynicism of abused souls who looked upon the ‘occupation’ as an unsanitary oddity.

While it may seem odd to the mainstream personality that people would work night and day to feed, cloth, shelter and secure each other without receiving any type of financial compensation, to those who participated in the process of occupation, nothing could be more natural – or rewarding.

Mainstream society is build on the assumption that “resources are scarce” and that “incentives drive decision-making”, but gifting society see things differently.  Gifting societies assume essential resources such as sunlight, water, food and shelter are abundant (but possibly mis-allocated) and that personal passion drives decision-making.  The assumption of abundance allows people in gifting societies to escape the crippling fear of poverty that most people in mainstream society experience on a day to day basis.  When people let go of their fear of poverty, they can begin to embrace their true passions, but the transition isn’t always smooth – in fact it can be quite frightening.

The occupation of Zuccotti Park frightened many people not because it was unsanitary or dangerous, but because it showed people that another world is not only possible, but practical – and possible more competitive. Everyday that the occupation provided shelter to hundreds, food to thousands and entertainment to millions, was a day that the mainstream world-view was not only challenged, but replaced for something more interesting and authentic.

The original occupation of Wall Street is over, but the gifting society that spontaneously emerged out of it is not.  Those involved in the occupation experienced, for a few short months, a society free from money, coercion and hierarchy.  Occupy activists are not going back.  In fact, they’re determined to recreate the experience and spread it far and wide.

The mission of PermaBank is to give people the tools they need to engage in and spread the experience of gifting.  Our first feature is a simple gifts/wishes application in which people “offer a gift” or “make a wish.”

All of PermaBank’s code is free/libre/opensource software designed, developed and deployed by folks from the New York General Assemblies Technology Operations Group.  Check out our other projects and please please please let us know if you’d like to get involved in the PermaBank project.  We need your unique gifts, seriously!

…Solutions through Solidarity through Solutions through Solidarity…

About PermaBank

PermaBank is a free/libre/opensource toolset that increases people’s capacity to engage in gifting and voluntary exchange.

We believe that a coercion-free economy where people are motivated to produce goods and service by love, not fear, is possible. We view the Occupy Movement as a remarkable opportunity to experiment with alternatives to mainstream economic models and see if we can build the world of our dream, right here, right now.

About provides free/libre/opensource tools to the occupy movement.

More info coming soon.

Simulated GA using Wireless Electronic Remotes and Other Super Tech

After tonight’s General Assembly please stick around to learn and try out an Electronic voting system that could complement the GA process.

Try out this exciting technology yourself!

After the General Assembly Tech Ops will be putting on a really exciting show of interactive technology. We hope to dazzle and amaze you. Continue reading