Calling all iPhone/Android users at May Day

May Day, May Day!

We are recruiting an army of citizen reporters to post anonymous status updates during May Day that’ll be projected on screens in Bryant Park and other public locations.  You can also post private updates for Tech Ops and other organizing groups.  All messages are secure.

If you are attending May Day events in New York or other cities (rallies, teach-ins, pickets, parties, etc.), we want to hear from you:

  1. Download the Vibe app for iPhone and Android on (Link will become available midnight Friday 4/27).  There’s no registration or login.
  2. Post a status update every 30-60 minutes during May Day:
  • a) Use single hashtag #MayDay in your messages and they’ll be projected on the public screens.
  • b) Use double hashtag ##_______ in your messages and they’ll be secret – only visible to those who know its ## name.  The particular double ## tags for Tech Ops and other May Day organizers will be given out to people on the street on May Day (or ask your particular working group).


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