A Freelance Workers Statement of Solidarity

(or, a consultant’s boycott of unethical clients)

Many of us in tech work day jobs as freelancers and those working conditions are toxic and exploitative, and often for clients who do not share our values.
The Freelance Worker’s Statement of Solidarity is a statement that we will no longer stand for the status quo in our industry.  We are not mercenaries and we will not work for unethical clients. We will hold accountable the people who wish to hire us to a higher standard than profit and expediency.
Making this statement in a public forum will let us all know that even though we are self-employed, we are not alone and other freelancers have our backs to help us uphold our values when working, to not be exploited in our own work, and to not further exploitation of others through the work we do.  It will let those who wish to hire us know that our time and skills come with more conditions than simply money.
If you’re self employed, a consultant, or freelancer in any industry, feel free to paste this on your LinkedIn profile, portfolio, resume, or elsewhere.

Freelance Worker’s Statement of Solidarity:

As a freelance worker I stand in solidarity with working people around the world.
I will not work on any project which supports oppression in any form.
This includes unpaid labor, hate speech, financial exploitation, war crimes or violations of international law.
If your agency works with clients who engage in any form of oppression, I will cease working for you.
I believe that it is our responsiblity to hold each other to higher standards than profit and expediency.
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