OWS Project List Seeks Research Partners

The OWS Project List is moving forward with research analyzing the relationships our projects build with NYC area communities. Do we often collaborate on projects with allies from low-income or communities of color? Do we often build projects with NGOs or businesses? Which projects are the most helpful for connecting our movements across the New York area?

The OWS Project List can shed light on these questions through analyzing data shared by movement activists. Now we seek activists to participate in analyzing that data. We are looking for folks interested in helping us code data on Occupy partnerships and create social network maps that we will share with the movement.

We especially need folks who can help us code neighborhoods using 2010 census data. Please send me a message for more info. Or email: projects@occupywallstreet.net

The OWS Project List (http://wiki.occupy.net/wiki/Project_List_Project) exists to collect, produce, and share knowledge about Occupy projects in the NYC area. We promote projects, contact information, and partnership information through our monthly periodical: http://tech.nycga.net/files/2012/04/Occupy-Wall-Street-Project-List-Issue-2-FINAL.pdf

We are now engaging participatory analysis of data on those projects. We will share our findings with the movement to help broaden awareness about the network of alliances we are building. We hope this will help us assess what we are doing, make choices, and build a more inclusive — and larger — movement.



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