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 The Occupy Wall Street Project List is a unique printed publication produced by Occupy Wall Street activists from several working groups. It reports on the active projects created by NYC area Occupy groups and provides direct contact information enabling readers to get involved and join the fight for their own lives and communities.

The Occupy Wall Street Project List is about to produce issue #2 and take another step in building communication and organizing across the NYC metro area. Please help us produce media that helps struggles for economic and social justice to grow and drive social change.

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Over the last few weeks we distributed over 1,000 free copies of our first issue ( across New York City and met an overwhelmingly positive response. In fact, when we ran out of copies at Union Square people spontaneously printed and distributed hundreds more. But it still was not enough.

To meet this overwhelming demand, The Occupy Wall Street Project List will print 10,000 copies of issue #2. We are also working with allies on an ambitious plan to distribute these copies across the metro area – creating a conversation between concerned people and activists who otherwise are divided by mainstream media markets.

The Occupy Wall Street Project List is funded only through the collective power of small donations. Won’t you be one of our publishers?

$10 from two hundred people will allow us to distribute 10,000 free copies of this important movement building resource across NYC!

We are always looking for new participants to help produce and distribute and raise funds for The Occupy Wall Street Project List. Contact us at so we can build this together.

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