Tech Ops Meeting 3/25/2012


Pea on

Pea on development:

Shawn on content:

  • Content has 10 articles ready for editorial process.
  • We have a tentative editorial workflow, but haven’t run anything through.

Darrell on Tech Coop:

  • Start with skill spreadsheet, need people who are interested in being involved in the tech workers coop to fill info, also take a look at notes and give feedback.
  • Next meeting is 4pm Friday at Commons.


Email Address Policy

  • Shawn presented proposal last week, didn’t get consensus. Doesn’t tonight either
  • Narrowing proposal: can every member of the content team at have an email address for use in the editorial workflow at request? (pea, shawn, devin make call)?
  • Outcome: Passes by consensus

Financial Status / Budget

  • Report from Matt: $250 owed per month for servers (Datagram), $400 for livestreaming, paid on Dan’s & Devin’s credit cards, Matt has money to pay them back what we owe them so far. Dan has ~$1200 (extra battery money) which we can use going forward. That’s it. Unclear if we’ll get any more out of GA.
  • Proposal
    • We pay what we owe people that they’ve spent already from the funds we already have
    • If we can get any more money from Accounting (even just back pay for Feb/March), we pay for Teradeck for 1 more month. At the end of that month, absent further funding, we shut it off (we still hope to find a donor). If we can’t get any money, we cut off Teradeck now. (There is a $200 cancellation fee for AT&T data plan.)
    • We save whatever money remains to keep Datagram servers running as long as possible.
    • Matt will get ahold of Devin & Dan to get invoices/receipts, Matt & Darrell will get together at some point this week and put it all online somewhere. We’re not sure if Shawn is currently our financial point person, but if so he’s replaced by Matt.
    • We should be scanning & uploading all receipts. Everything that people have should be emailed to Take a picture with your phone if you don’t have a scanner.
    • Outcome: Passes by consensus

Terms of Use

  • We consense on prohibiting unauthorized disclosure of personal contact information in Terms of Use.
  • Action: Add amendment to policy
  • We table “personal information” more broadly, David will come back with proposal on better wording.
  • Also, we consense that Pea can move the policies from the Docs to site pages.
  • Action: Create pages and commit footer updates to repo

Home Page

  • Matt wants livestreaming somewhere on homepage – specific place to be left to designers. Every day there’s something right now.

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