OWS Project List Meeting: Brainstorm the shape of issue #2!


Let’s have a meeting and brainstorm the shape of issue #2! Let’s set a time through the Doodle link below. The meeting will either be at the Atrium or Union Square park depending on what crazy stuff happens in the next day or two.

We are planning on Friday 4/6 as the date we start distributing issue #2. We’ve got until Monday, 4/2 to get the publication ready to print. Let’s meet up!!!

We have gotten great response and interest from activists and the general public. Looks like Project List is turning into an important map to our activities. We may even do a second run on the first issue for Occupy Town Square!

There are exciting developments afoot and opportunities to co-create the shape of issue #2.  Please come to the meeting and co-create this important communication channel!

Our agenda so far (reply to this thread to add to agenda):

Outreach for submissions — connect with other occupations and working groups

Outreach for fundraising – help connect with bloggers and big twitter users, help shape social media strategy

Edit content – we need folks with writing and proofing skills to make the print edition clear and compelling!

Print Design – a great chance for an artistic designer to add their touch to create a cool new layout to the periodical

Printing and distribution – work with OccuCopy and strategize with canvassers to move 10,000 copies across NYC using guerilla tactics!

Web development – we are using CIVI and Drupal with tech ops folks to create the web version of the list and to finish the new input form.

Here’s the doodle to set the time:


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