Rapid Media Upload Session

Sunday March 18th 12pm
PACE Student Union

Tech Ops is putting together a media server to host citizen journalist media. You often hear “The whole world is watching” chanted at actions, we aim to make sure that the whole world can watch the content you produce. If you have video, audio, or photos of OWS actions┬áplease come visit us at PACE today. We will be collecting digital files for archival and publishing.

I take pictures at OWS actions, but often fail to upload my media to the web. If it is uploaded to the web I find that no one is looking at it. Publishing and promoting media isn’t an easy task this is why we want to help you collect and publish your work. So you can focus on doing what you do best, capturing media, while Tech and the OWS social network do what they do best, promote it!

This will be our first alpha test of the process. We will have computers and hard drives ready to download your media. Once we have collected everyone’s media we will take it to our servers and upload it in bulk to the web. Our plan is to categorize, tag, and attribute all media that moves through our servers. This will make searching for media from events a snap.

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