Jeff Rae? No Way!

Jeff Rae? No Way!
Graphic by Jack Gold

The Manhattan District Attorney (Cyrus Vance) has subpoenaed the Twitter account of Occupy activist Jeff Rae. This comes not long after Malcolm Harris received one as well. Yesterday, this news hit the blogosphere with a bang as BoingBoing spread the word, and the New York Times reported on complaints by many other Occupy activists regarding heavy handed NYPD surveillance.

Any single incident of apparent overreach might not have provoked a response; but in the aggregate, we are concluding that the NYPD, aided and abetted by the Manhattan DA, is engaged in actions designed to chill free speech by intimidating activists. As the long winter slowly turns to the upcoming American Spring, we have to fight back.

Take action now by telling District Attorney Cyrus Vance what you think of his wasteful and unnecessary fishing expedition. We’re asking all supporters of the 99% to show solidarity with Jeff Rae, a union staff member and occupier from Washington DC. Vance is engaged in a political witch hunt on behalf of the 1%. Join us in applying some political pressure against the Manhattan DA’s office.

Note: our current action page is here: Please use the shortlink, or the link to this post, and not the URL of the action page itself – as that may change. Thank you for helping to spread the word.

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