Sunday Report Back – 3/4

Lots of exciting horizons ahead of us.

  • is coming together, content is being collected and prepared for launch.
  • is live.
  • The first major newsletter release is on it’s way, keep up with the discussion on the mailing list. If you are interested in joining the news letter team email
  • is getting a face lift soon (this week?)
  • New online policies are in place, currently under review by our law team.
  • Tech ops has been invited to submit an application to Prix ars Electronica, check out our latest version of the application before we send it out.
  • The got a little shout out on NPR today
  • had a bit of a design update, more information can be found on
  • NATO and G8 will be in Chicago this May, currently under a new bill HR 437 that just passed the house and senate protest will be illegal in any environment with secrete service.


  • “Analyzing The 1%” TV Show
  • Meeting Schedule
  • Crowdsourced Funding Platform
  • SIS (Office Space)
  • Civi for Working Groups (consensus)
  • Metrocards (consensus)
  • Marketing/Misc

“Analyzing The 1%” TV Show

Gilbert came to the group looking for help shooting a 45 min backdrop for a 1 hour live show called “Analyzing the 1%”. The group felt this was a job for Media. It was suggested that Gilbert use to post the job request. Media contacts were also exchanged.

Meeting Schedule

A discussion around meeting times, if two a week is too many. There is now some work space available and the team felt that it should do more work sessions. Due to some core members being out of town the meeting time’s discussion was tabled. It was agreed that more time should be spent in the IRC chat room: #nycga-techops on the

Crowdsourced Funding Platform is an open source crowd sourcing platform. The similarities to CiviCRM and Permabank were noted. There was generally positive reaction and Tom will be installing an evaluation instance.

SIS (Office Space)

Some computers and laptops are going to be delivered to SIS (38 Broadway) tomorrow. Casper needs help fixing some of the broken inventory (email if you want to help). Space is also needed to host more computers for the public.

Civi for Working Groups

People are confused about Civi and don’t think it’s ready (it is). There are a few groups currently using it, it’s ready to send first mass mailing. There needs to be training, promotion, and trust building to add admins. There is a lot of demand for a Civi training meeting.

Current NYC instance is online at the group came to consensus to change the sub domain to


Pea is now the new metro card point person!


Action item: make basic template for announcing each new tech ops project (announcement of features in Civi, GA, Twitter, training the following week, documentation)

Read the full minutes here.


  1. Dana Skallman

    How would the crowd sourcing platform relate the OWS Project List being worked on by Info and now being built into project directory through CiviCRM? Does it replace it or are they separate? The idea here was more to provide a list of projects from this GA and other occupations can do the same using templates we create, if they choose too.

    Also, fundraising is being discussed with the National project with CiviCRM and, should this be part of it or is it a separate ‘service’ offered through tech? If so, who manages it? This project is looking at alternative funding streams, so it may tie in very well and the folks managing it could be the accountability and fund-raising aspects through InterOccupy. We know things get complicated once money gets involved, is that the place tech wants to be?