Sunday Meeting Report Back

  • There is new nation-wide collaboration on #OccupyMap, a SMS system is still needed for map reports on the Ushahidi platform.
  • OWSbrunch reportback: many discussions about “access”- information, etc.  talk of a global events calendar website.
  • dev site can be found under the project at
  • The first occupy news letter tentative launch date is March 5th
  • coming soon.
  • for sale?  no.  just a mailing list rumor.  tech ops controls dns.  registrar still owned by affinity group.  content unchanged.


  1. Mark on the calendar which events were GA-consensed, and which are autonomous.
  2. Problems with user activity.
  3. Discuss digital properties policy
  4. Strategy meeting next week
  5. Permission to export emails to civi
  6. Hosting of translations of GA statements
  7. Server allocation 

Mark on the calendar which events were GA-consensed, and which are autonomous.

There are concerns that mainstream media is taking any event as an ows GA endorsed event.
An idea: indicate sponsorship of event on the form.
The group doesn’t want to disavow events because they make people uncomfortable. We feel that the statement of autonomy covers the concern that not all “occupy branded events” are GA endorsed.

Language will be added to the events template pointing back to statement of autonomy.

Problems with user activity.

There were problematic posts from the “strong women rules” working group – making multiple posts targeting individuals on the site, saying that they would be killed or imprisoned under “NDAA”.   Posts were deleted.  User account was blocked and group was deactivated.  We had a lengthy email discussion via the tech_group mailing list, and took action.  Actions were recorded in the “admin use of power” log.  Targeting individuals for state violence, and collaboration with NDAA (which GA officially opposes) were considered serious enough violations of our statement of solidarity to act.

Discuss digital properties policy

The group consented on the Terms and Conditions of Use Policy for NYC General Assembly Digital Properties (TOS). The TOS will be handed over to the lawyers for review then brought to the GA. It will be used in the interim.

There are more policies that need to be agreed upon. Such as the Privacy Policy for NYC General Assembly Digital Properties and Dispute Resolutions Policy for NYC General Assembly Digital Properties. Feel free to leave comments on any of these documents.

Strategy meeting next week

We would like to have a meeting about the strategy and purpose of OWS Tech Ops. We felt it wise to wait until after March 11th so Devin, Drew, and Matt can attend.

Permission to export emails to civi

The new privacy policy allows the use of e-mails. It is our priority to make sure that anyone who opted out of e-mails in the past will not be sent a new e-mail. The e-mail addresses will be moved to the CiviCRM database at

Hosting of translations of GA statements

We’ll host these on, each in the same post as the original English version, but further down, with an anchor so that it can be linked to directly. In phase 2 of, we’ll have a UI which allows you to switch which language you’re viewing the whole site in.

Server allocation

5 servers at Panix host and; we are not sure if we have to switch off these in March. 4 servers at fastpcnet host Ruby stuff like Donate Your Account, a node.js box with, and a php box for And, we have the servers we bought at Datagram, which have no apps yet. The Datagram servers will host archives,, and stuff from the Panix and fastpcnet servers if we have to move it because we start getting charged.

Introductions of new people

Welcome to Cynthia, Brian, & Alma!

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