Report Back: Sunday Meeting

Sunday February 5th Tech Ops open meeting – Full minutes here.

Report backs covered upcoming training, Newsletters, analytics, server naming, the Bloomberg Bucks project, Office space, and more.

It turns out that the 855 NYCGA 411 number is NOT free from NYC pay phones due to Verizon being a lazy jerk. (edit: this statement has not been verified)

Consensus was reached to propose an update to the Principles of Solidarity and enact Project Requirements for all current and future projects.

Important dates:

FGA sounding board meeting:
Thursday, February 9 from 6:30 – 9PM at the Rayogram offices.
79 Leonard Street, New York, NY 10013 open content meeting
Monday’s 6pm at 60 wall street

Agenda items:

We had a good discussion with the Media working group about their website. They are considering creating their own web site at which currently forwards to their YouTube Channel. We suggested that they use for the time being. Their domain could be pointed to this sub domain in the future.

The group also discussed the up coming 10TB media server that we will be installing soon. The servers are built and configured and need to be plugged in. The way we intake media and how we protect/respect that media as it relates to arrests and the author’s ownership is still yet to be seen.

Tech has collected a bunch of hardware including four laptops. We are looking for a way to share them with the community.

The newsletter points to, a new service from which allows for project posting and people to sign up for said projects.

We discussed our progress on bringing equality to Tech Ops as a follow up to a past meeting on the subject.

There was also discussion around a need for more members to get involved in blogging (as I have been doing the lion’s share thus far). Analytics work session was also discussed, though no time was set. We also spoke of reaching out to and discussed the fact that the NYCGA is now handling ten thousand + e-mails sent to general and


The group reached consensus on the re-wording of a line from the Principles of Solidarity – the first “official” document from the Occupation of Liberty Plaza.

We will bring this as a proposal to the General Assembly.

The original line:

Endeavoring to practice and support wide application of open source.

Tech ops agreed upon edit:

Making technologies, knowledge, and culture open to everyone to freely access, create, modify, and distribute.

We hope that this will highlight the fact that our documents can be amended. We also agreed to ask for GA approval to host our official documents on GitHub so their versions can be tracked.

The group also came to consensus on using project requirements to on board new projects. More information can be found here:

Basically this means that all projects that are “officially” sponsored by Tech Ops will have to meet some basic requirements of documentation and responsibility. In return these projects will have access to our reputation, hardware, and network (among other things).

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  1. Patricia L

    It turns out that the 855 NYCGA 411 number is NOT free from NYC pay phones due to Verizon being a lazy jerk.

    This is statement hasn’t been verified. Pay phones are owned by different companies and don’t know for sure that they 855 aren’t free on all of them or that it has anything to do with Verizon.