Face Lift

Browser shot of design refresh

One of our powerful – yet under utilized – tools is #OccupyMap. This Ushahidi based platform allows anyone in the world to submit time and space based events on a crowd sourced map in a variety of ways, including via Twitter using the #occupymap hash tag. I’ve taken on the task of giving our product a little face lift.

Starting with the theme “Unicorn” by Caleb Bell I hacked out the main page to be full screen and set the navigation menus to flow across the top. I also added the global nav.


  1. Devin

    A little feedback on the nav bar:
    Top level nav:
    * (this is home)
    * News Wire = News
    * Wiki
    * Map
    * Notes
    * Alphas (maybe the term “Incubating”)

    Here some ideas:
    * Combine dark grey and light grey nav bars in ushahidi and replace home with #occupymap
    * Add a drop down menu somewhere for “locations” or “cities” or “occupations” where New York is listed, along with additional sites and maybe “add an occupation”
    * And/or instead of “occupy map is global blah blah blah” how about a button that says “request a map for your occupation” or something.

  2. iain from the vancouver library

    Hey guys,

    A group of us in Vancouver, Canada are looking to start a mapping project. We want to create a global repository to place data about corporate headquarters, branch offices, activities and real estate holdings.

    Think of it like an OSM for Occupy.

    The goal is to create a clear and accurate picture of what corporations own, where they operate and what they do.

    How do you feel about making this a part of