Occupy.net Landing Page

Hi everyone, when I was doing the wiki design I thought of a slight revision to the occupy.net home page. The horizontal list of projects currently just mirrors the top nav, if we turn it into a grid of expanding blocks they’re more concrete, skimmable, and hold the descriptive text nicely. Mockup below. It’s just a small iteration on the existing layout, but if anyone has any comments please fire away.


  1. Dana Skallman

    This is very cool, nice layout and design!

    For some reason I have been thinking about this the last couple of days too. Was thinking that it would be cool to categorize some of the programs under broader categories, under a top-level category like Tools to add to the menu on the top black bar. Outside of the Wiki, Maps, Notes & News everything else is a tool to help organize in a way. From the tools now there are two main sub-cateogories, Project Management and Communication. With project management there is: projects, collaborate, schedule and sprintboard and under communication there is Lists, Forum, Chat. Coming along are the Directory & CRM sites, with a few more I am forgetting I’m sure. This would allow us to prioritize the main content sites on the top with a link to another page with a list of all other tools available through occupy.net.

  2. drew

    I’ve been working on the HTML/CSS based off this design. I’ll toss together some mock ups that take this design and Dana’s suggestions into account.

    Also, Pea suggested that we lay this into a CMS so we can update the content faster. Any suggestions on that end?

    • Dana Skallman

      This is just a landing page right? And all code on GitHub, can’t we update that way? I am not sure we need a CMS for this unless we are going to use the main website for more.

  3. Devin

    I agree with Dana that we should categorize these tools at some point in the future, but I think we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

    We don’t have a single product that would qualify as “beta” under the proposed occupy.net product criteria: http://wiki.occupy.net/wiki/Occupy.net#Deployment_Stages

    The objective of the design should be to “manage user expectation.” We need to inform the user of the status of each product so they aren’t surprised when they click on “schedule” and find a product that isn’t thoroughly designed and/or doesn’t work properly.

    IMHO, the most important pieces of information users need to know are:
    * the status of the product (launched, beta, alpha, development… see: http://wiki.occupy.net/wiki/Occupy.net#Current_Software
    * what it does (see the less than 10 words descriptions here: http://wiki.occupy.net/wiki/Occupy.net#Current_Software
    * how they can get involved (email newsletter subscribe button, link to blog, link to volunteer form)

    I think this design is really stellar and we should aim to have a new front page up before Saturday, but let’s not rush it. Maybe we could all talk after 6pm this evening to get on the same page so we can agree on a way forward and do it?

  4. Thiago

    Erica’s got skillz. This is bloody great.
    I dig the hover/description bit (if i’ve understood the comp/cursor right).
    I think the issues raised are sound, but also they can be solved with arrangement/clustering, and status could be designated by some visual key (“saturation!?”) or some other visual solution.