Final Homepage Design

Final Homepage Design
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  1. emily schuch

    you don’t want to take my advice for a red donate button? seriously, people are more likely to donate if it is red. i don’t know why, but someone i once worked with quoted statistical evidence at me.

  2. Steve Scher

    a) I object strongly to the phrase under the “Occupy Wall Street ” header “shit is fucked up” for language.

    This is not only uncalled for, it is inaccurate. Shit is not fucked up. It’s quite natural and happens all the time.
    I’d suggest a change to something like ” Some say shit is fucked up …fuck you ”

    b) I have to agree with the red comment. In sales the color red for some reason prompts individuals to buy.
    Hence the use of red in retail signage, store fronts, and advertising. It wasn’t my idea, apparently we’re hard wired that way.

    c) It looks absoloutely wonderful.
    Thank you for producing such a professional looking product, except for the shit thing, which I will now stand aside for.

    Steve Scher
    718 347 4818

    • Thiago

      Steve, re the ‘shit’ we’re seeing the ‘tagline’ as something that people can contribute to.
      Who’s to say what OWS is right? So why not set something up where people can contribute their X character length tagline, and we cycle through them on page loads.

      Thanks for your comments!

      Emily. You may well have a point. Red will kind of die in the black, I had a little red banner surrounding it for a bit and it did ‘POP’ but there are people (who participated in the process) that wanted to completely de-emphasize the donate button altogether… so its a hard one. Still as we move forward beyond the ‘omg omg omg, lets get something live phase 1’ we will definitely look to refine.