occupywallstreet.net Creative Review – Home Page Final

This is the finalized design for the occupywallstreet.net home page.


  1. Jake

    This looks great. One note: The bottom newswire section should be called “Occupy Movement News”, not “OWS News”

  2. Matt Lepacek

    “shit is fucked up and bullshit” i assume is filler text?
    I’d like to see a way to display whether livestream is currently on line and where they are (text or map)
    It would also be nice if we could manually or automatically trigger the livestream to be viewed on default load.
    I remember the beginning days when I would go to the site and just watch the Live feed.

    The livestream chatroom is also a place of interest.

    A place to put 855-NYCGA-411

    A place to put the Donate Your Facebook/Twitter account widget (that can be designed)

    I also think that the donation of volunteer resources is critical, a special if even temporary section dedicated to recruiting developers. Even if its just a small button. I have heard “we shouldn’t prioritize tech needs over others” I agree however we need to get the word our prominantely that devs are needed.

    Other than that I like it… I like the integrated pictures but am skeptical that everyone will submit proper images. Perhaps we need a image library.

    Your all awesome! I crazy appreciate all your hard work!!!! love!!

  3. Matt Lepacek

    I also think that the donate area should include a thermometer reflecting the total amount raised as a visual indicator in addition to the donate button.

  4. Thiago

    Matt, some of your suggestions would have been welcomed at earlier stages, but we’re moving on to dev!
    The 411 number is more an NYCGA.net thing, and the donate button, a thermometer is always an indication of some ‘percentage’ so what kind of a visual indicator would there be?

    We do need an image library, there’s ton’s of content being created every day but were not even close to harnessing/cataloguing it. Still, who’s gonna do it, when and how!?

    Donation resources will exist in the ‘contribute’ page…
    This is ‘least viable product’/’launch asap’ stuff, the conversation will certainly continue.

  5. Thiago

    @Matt re: livestream, we’ve played around with ‘live’ indicators, and agree its a good idea.
    Also, our thinking was that on ‘days of action’ and specifically noteable news, the livestream tab could be the default active tab (so its a configurable situation).