1. Fateh Singh ji

    I think my one feedback, as a graphic designer of 15 years, and copy writer and occupant, and community member of downtown NYC, is that I love this design. I think it serves the purpose, and while it’s almost antiseptically clean, it has enough of an edge to represent the grassroots effort of the movement.

    BUT, my one sore point, gripe and concern is with the tagline: “Shit is Fucked up and Bullshit”… So, allow me to explain: Shit will always be fucked up and BS to someone. And especially as long as you label it F’dup and BS it will continue that way. How does this put our eyes on the future that we envision? To me, this is a very strong tagline that has the great potential to alienate people from the movement. What if someone just wants to help out, but their lives are generally OK, and they don’t see things as that extreme. Or what if I feel like no-one in particular is to blame, but I just want to generally help everyone get better?

    Let’s not begin to use rhetorical and extreme language just because it sounds cool or funny to some – let’s be conscious about taking RESPONSIBILITY FOR OURSELVES and not blaming troubles on arbitrary or unknown “SHIT”… Whose SHIT? What SHIT? How SHIT?… How about we empower ourselves to manage our own SHIT? I’d prefer to hear a tagline that says something like: “Lets create a better future”. “Today’s our opportunity to make a difference”… “Today’s the day – lets make something of it”… Whatever it is… Something POSITIVE and clear, along those lines would make me feel empowered, and it could really make many others feel happier about helping out this movement.

  2. emily schuch

    can i give you one important piece of advice. it is statistically proven that people are more likely to click a donate button if it is red (something like 2 to 3 times as likely to click). i learned this while working on a political campaign.

    where it says donate in the header i would just put that in a red rectangle and change the type to white or black. the same red that is used in the sub-header would work.

    otherwise i think the design looks good. nice work!

  3. Fateh Singh ji

    Also, I’m, going to express one critique about the color palette. There’s this singular trend towards Yellow, Brown, Black and White in the NYCGA sites. While that’s a clean palette, I think it lacks a bit of the full-colored expression of the movement. It feels like construction workers and cardboard boxes to me.

    Please consider ways to bring out more accent colors and the reds, oranges and blues and greens…

    Great work, but where’s the flavor and life of Zuccotti in this?

  4. John McG

    People are all waiting for OWS to have opinions about the world. Some opinions have been passed by the GA. The Declaration, Statement of Autonomy, Resolution against Corporate Personhood and Money as Speech, etc. Can we please get them on the home page to obviously refute the whole media story that we have no idea what we want? We have a message and have created interest in our message. Lets put the two together.
    Thanks, John