1. Devin

    Yay. It’s great.

    But – I really liked a lot of the elements from Patricia’s Wireframes – specifically:
    * Small above the fold livestream player – especially with multiple channels so people can get that video that they so desperately want.
    * Right column with Twitter, Press Kits, Media Kit. Maybe it could end at the news feed section -?- which I love.
    * Stories section is great, but I’d really like to raise the stakes on the color coding. Instead of saying “post”, “editorial” etc and having stars for GA approved stuff, could we have a legend that defines sources through colors:
    ** Yellow – From a GA
    ** Red – From an Occupation
    ** Blue – From an NYCGA Group
    ** Brown – From OWS.net Editorial
    ** Green – From Unaffiliated Media
    * I think ‘sort by’ should live on the top right of stories and be a lot smaller.
    * For OWS News Section
    ** Call it Occupy News (powered by Occupy.net)
    ** Could we show folks the top 10 or 20 tags with which people can sort as well as providing them a tag filter search bar?
    ** If we chose to continue a right hand side bar into the OWS News section, the bar could be filled with events – maybe with location search? This is possible by geolocating occupy rss feeds which we definitely can do.
    * Bottom bar is super hot – you folks are rock stars. Thanks!