Great success on Spokes Council budget proposal

Still from the presentation

Tech Ops presented two parts of our four part budget proposal at – the amazing – Monday’s Spokes Council (preview our beta live tweets reader). The proposal, presented by @jake and @matt, was very well received. The tone of our proposal was amazing and the visual presentation knocked the socks off those at Spokes.

The Spokes Council chose to accept both proposals. (Minutes)

  1. $1500 – 855-NYCGA-411 Voice Services – PASSED
  2. $1216.77 – hosting Oct 20 – Dec 20 – PASSED
We will attempt to bring part’s 3 and 4 to Wednesday (1/11) Spokes.
Update (1/12): Wednesday Spokes (1/11) found consensus on the final two proposals.
  1. $3241.19 – for new media hub & database server- PASSED
  2. $942.99 + $322.86/month – LIVESTREAM HD SUPER-CHARGE kit.- PASSED w/ modified Consensus
The Livestream HD kit originally included a Verizon 4G internet hot spot. The body felt that using Verizon while our labor allies are currently on strike was uncouth. Tech agreed to remove it from the budget.
View the presentation after the jump…





  1. antonioserna

    Forgot to ask… I notice the v.3 nycga launching in March. Is tech ops preparing everyone? I believe last time, v.1 was wiped, and people were trained after the launch.

    • drew

      v3 would be the FGA site, which as of now has very little code written. I don’t think there will be a transition any time soon and when there is I suspect that there will be much fan fair and training.