Training report back

I ran a training today to show folks how to use and About 10 people showed up and everything went better than expected.

The managing news interface
Here's the raw feed, check out Occupy Contra Costa over there!

I started by opening up a pad, you can find it here.

Next I went over the vision of I spoke about how we are collecting feeds from all over the occupation (Check out the spreadsheet here) then feeding them into a managing news instance at How the curators then go in and apply harmonized tags to stories.

I showed a beta example of a front end version that reads the curated news feeds.

I outlined the ladder of engagement for looks something like this:

  1. Read up on the news wire project on our wiki.
  2. There is also a page for getting involved with some more in-depth info on the wiki.
    1. Extra credit: create an account at and update the wiki pages!
  3. Start tagging on by using the harmonized tags.
  4. If you have other feeds please add them here:
News Wire is split into two unique sections:
  • Feeds – – This is the raw data from RSS feeds from occupy web sites.
    • Find stories that are poorly tagged, tag boldly.
    • Take note of well tagged stories. Edit the wiki page with new/better tags.
  • Channels – – This is where the curated data is kept.
    • Keep an eye on the channels and remove tags from lame posts that don’t belong in the channel.

The NYCGA.NET training was great. I outlined a lot of the functions on the site.

You can provide feedback on the site.
We have a website FAQ for further help.
I’ve started a wiki page about being a community manager.
I hope to make this a weekly thing. Keep up on our events page.

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