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  1. Devin

    Awesome. Love it – especially the colors and the tent selector.

    I’ve got some layout commentary:
    * Use the top red area under the navigation for alerts:
    ** left for latest statement or emergency alert (ex. The Atrium is Closed Monday and Tuesday or “Statement Against the SOPA Act),
    ** center for next actions: (ex. J15: Day of Gratitude)
    ** right for next assembly (general assembly, spokes, etc)
    * Featured Area (livestream, news, twitter)
    ** Switch positions of news and livestream so Main Left is headlines (possibly picture) and Main Right is a livestream channel.
    * Main Area
    ** Left could be a tabbed news box area with tags for different topics/groups (ex. all, ga, info, food, da, tech, arts, etc)
    ** Right could be press kit, social media profiles, nycga activity info, etc
    * Turn the “Subscribe to our Mailing List” into a few engagement options:
    ** Subscribe (mailing list)
    ** Join (Find your local GA)
    ** Support (Volunteer to Support OWS)
    ** Donate (Donate Page)
    * Footer: legal, privacy, contact, etc…