Simulated GA using Wireless Electronic Remotes and Other Super Tech

After tonight’s General Assembly please stick around to learn and try out an Electronic voting system that could complement the GA process.

Try out this exciting technology yourself!

After the General Assembly Tech Ops will be putting on a really exciting show of interactive technology. We hope to dazzle and amaze you.

Thursday Dec 22
at 56 Walker St.
Following the GA
Approx 10:30 – 11:30pm

Wireless audience response technology empowers direct democracy We can add instant interaction in a way that’s proven to increase participant interest, encourage participation, improve comprehension, and increase retention.

Come see this technology in action and let your voice be heard.


  1. the99declaration

    we looked into those for the 876 delegates to the National General Assembly but they were very expensive. We were thinking of just using cell phones and text messages to vote or email because it would count the votes for you by just looking at the inbox. send to email 1 for yes, send to email 2 for no, send to email 3 for abstain

  2. Patricia L

    We had some demo devices on loan for testing purposes. The prices vary fairly significantly, depending on the features and origin of the device.